Cameron Brown

UK-based computer science student, soon-to-be apprentice software engineer @ Google UK. Opinions are my own. This is a place where I share some of the things I learn and my opinions on various things along the way!

I've recently learned about the IndieWeb ecosystem and the technologies that are powering it, such as

  • IndieAuth, a project which allows you to sign in using your own domain name
  • Webmention, the successor to trackback
  • ActivityStreams, a W3C standard representation for social activity

I'm looking to implement these technologies on to my website soon. My aim is to join this community, but also to learn how I could potentially make it easier for others.

What I Learned Shipping Decoupage Dreams (My First Commercial Web Project)

Medium: A Failed Experiment

Why people will adopt Libra.

Keep An Idea Bin

Soon I'll be writing a post on this website - which I'm slowly shipping new features for.

I Got A Software Engineering Apprenticeship @ Google (London)

Aannd that's a wrap! My A-Levels are officially over. Time to kick back and relax for a few days. Up next, I'll be working on the website for my Grandma's wedding business. You can check out the current version here. I'm hoping to pick up some new skills on marketing and advertising. I'll also be writing about my experiences in the coming months.

Next week marks the beginning of A-Level exams. Good luck to everybody out there in the same boat!

For the past few months, I’ve been going through the application process for Google’s Software Development Apprenticeship programme in London, and today I finally heard back: I got in! Very excited to meet my future colleagues towards the end of the year and see what I’ll be working on.