Cameron Brown
I'm a UK-based software engineer currently working at Google.

Blog Posts

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Note that posts from 2014 are archived from my old website.

Free & Open Source Software

Splitbrain A research system to automate splitting PRs into smaller PRs.
Reddit Roulette (Source) Spin the wheel, discover interesting subreddits.
shrt-url URL shortener on App Engine.
youtube-expander Chrome extension forcing YT videos fill the window.

Publications & Essays

Facial Recognition AI Assignment: AutoML vs. ImageNet 2021-12-28
SplitBrain Proposal: Partitioning Changelists via AST Graph Analysis Pending
LogCtx Proposal: A Next-Gen ML Knowledge Management System Pending
A Review of Software Development Tools and Processes in the Linux Kernel Pending
Exploring Puzzle Design Elements 2021-05-07
Structure & Function of CPUs (OCR A-Level Computing) (PDF) 2019-06-01
Computational Thinking Slides 2016-10-29

Commercial Software ...?

  • Green With Energy Take on the role of an engineer and work towards
    a green future. (Coming 2022)
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