Hello, Internet! - Pub Tycoon's First DevDiary

Note Dec 2021: Pub Tycoon was cancelled by much of the work eventually spun out into Green With Energy, however I am re-posting this for archival.

Have you ever wanted to own a pub? To build up a successful business from very little. To create a place which you can truly call your own. Consisting of a two full time developers, musician/sound designer and an artist, we’re a small team from the UK who are producing a video game called Pub Tycoon, which allows you to do just that. A little over six months ago, we teamed up to allow players around the world to scratch this itch.


For the first few months of development, we started building core gameplay features which we knew we wanted, by far the biggest was the furniture system.

The first prototype.

It was important to be able to create a system which is both flexible, but high-performance in terms of memory and processor constraints, which is a difficult problem to solve. For those of you who are programmers (or just nerdy!) we ended up implementing an octree data structure to contain the objects within the world.

Customisation is a central pillar in our game - business is tough, and you ought to reward your hard work by purchasing all kinds of unique furniture. In Pub Tycoon, you’ll have access to a huge variety of objects, from the basics, such as tables and chairs, all the way to paintings, fireplaces, lighting and flora.

View the project website at pubtycoon.com.

Written 2018-12-04 by Cameron Brown SITEMAP