Keep An Idea Bin

Like most people I have way too many ideas: things I want to learn, stuff I want to do or programming ideas & concepts to implement. One of my principles is that I always iterate on everything in my life - things are not perfect, but working on them little by little is progress.

Ideas are very much the same - and they’re fleeting. Many times I had ideas which I regretted never writing down, and I’m sure you’ve all had this too. So that’s what I did. For the last three years, I’ve written down and categorised every single useful idea I’ve had on Google Keep, i.e. the 'idea bin'.

By coming back to these thoughts daily, I can work on the good ones and chuck away (i.e. archive, never delete) the others.

A few rules for this system:

In many ways doing this has brought some semblance of order to my life. I tend to be quite disorderly in many ways, but doing this has at least given me back control over the chaos of my own thoughts, which ultimately, is progress.

Written 2019-06-23 by Cameron Brown SITEMAP