Introducing Feedsub

So within a couple of days, I've built a functional (but limited) version of my product. Currently I'm using the word 'product' in a very limited fashion here, as right now it's more akin to a utility. Feedsub will allow you to Subscribe To The Web, getting updates delivered to your Email Inbox.

You've probably heard of RSS/Atom feeds - that's how my service gets the content from websites. Whenever a site updates, we'll send a copy of the content along with it.

So why use my service over a feed reader? There's a few reasons: 1. You don't need to install Yet Another App. I'm a minimalist, so prefer to be as light on software as possible. 2. Your Inbox (likely) has industrial strength tools for content tagging, organisation and search. Reading an article you find useful? Adding a star to it in your inbox means you won't forget to come back. 3. You're already working in the inbox, why not get your daily digest of blogs & news content there too? 4. As a mental model, many people (including me) find that push is inherently better than pull.

I'm hoping this initial release will help me gauge what features people may be interested in. Future updates will include keyword filters and better integration with popular web services, allowing you to do things such as: * "Send me updates related to AI from IndieHackers" * "Send me the latest from Product Hunt (except iOS apps)" * "Tell me when I'm mentioned on Hacker News"

Check out the live version at

Written 2019-08-30 by Cameron Brown SITEMAP