Cameron Brown

UK-based computer science student, soon-to-be apprentice software engineer @ Google UK. Opinions are my own. This is a place where I share some of the things I learn and my opinions on various things along the way!

Keep An Idea Bin

Like most people I have way too many ideas: things I want to learn, stuff I want to do or programming ideas & concepts to implement. One of my principles is that I always iterate on everything in my life - things are not perfect, but working on them little by little is progress.

Ideas are very much the same - and they’re fleeting. Many times I had ideas which I regretted never writing down, and I’m sure you’ve all had this too. So that’s what I did. For the last three years, I’ve written down and categorised every single useful idea I’ve had on Google Keep, i.e. the 'idea bin'.

By coming back to these thoughts daily, I can work on the good ones and chuck away (i.e. archive, never delete) the others.

A few rules for this system:

In many ways doing this has brought some semblance of order to my life. I tend to be quite disorderly in many ways, but doing this has at least given me back control over the chaos of my own thoughts, which ultimately, is progress.